Holiday Wishes 2012...It's Coming!

That's right, it's that time of year again!

The official opening date of the [info]holiday_wishes community for the 2012-2013 holiday season will occur on:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stay tuned for more information!  And consider this your open thread for the week, so chat about anything you'd like in the comments while you wait for our opening!
Not sure if I'm in the mood right now. My grandma just died of a brain tumor last Friday (at age 92 - we weren't expecting THAT diagnosis from the hospital back in July), and the viewing / funeral / burial is today. At least she was able to see her son, if not her Hong Kong grandchildren... :(
I am excited as usual for this, though my own contributions may be few this year. I have an exciting opportunity to find a new job.
Ahh, great news! Just bought cards and stickers today!
I've been stocking up slowly on cards and stamps. Need the distraction right now :( me + my friends are currently big news in Victoria thanks to a restaurant refusing our guide dogs, and there are so many ignorant comments *sighs*
So excited for this! Been saving little bits and pieces in a box set aside for this comm...
Hrmmmmmmmmmmm... I'm sort of excited, not gonna lie. Now I have to figure out what to wish for, and what I'm able to actually give to others this year! (I normally do primarily cards...)
\o/ I've been adding to my wishlist all year waiting for this moment *yay* :D

I can't wait to start granting other peoples wishes *bounces* :D
Yay \o/ I can't wait to start reading peoples wish lists and start sending out whatever I can!!
I've been looking forward to the opening of this comm for the year for forever it feels like :P

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Really looking forward to this! I've got cards and stamps and am hoping I'm able to grant some wishes this year!
Also, as those of you who've been here before know, my primary gift each year is a mix CD. So, any thoughts on which of these possibilities you'd like to see?

1. "Music With Rocks In"--geology-themed songs.

2. "The Blue Lantern's Light"--Songs about hope.

3. "The World Is Always Ending"--A tribute to 2012's upcoming day or reckoning.
These are all pretty great but can't choose just one! How about using songs from all three for a hope-filled geological apocalypse? No? Just me then :D
I am so excited for this! I've been saving tidbits and saving up for postage all year.
Hey, I have a great idea! Let's get together when I get home and pour through posts together? You may have already been keeping up, but it'll be fun to have someone to geek out with about how much fun this community is.
OMG! It just dawned on me that now it's November, it's HOLIDAY WISHES time again! Yay!!

This year, I'm NOT mourning the death of my best friend (2010), and NOT recovering from major surgery (2011) so dammit, hopefully, I can be happier this year. LOL I mean, I still sent like 45 cards or something last year anyway, but still. I am hoping for a much more cheerful holiday season in 2012.
*yay* for a happier year! Our end of year was pretty sad because we had to put our kitty down and our xmas never quite recovered, but this year, I have a new kitty for the first time in 12 years and we can be happy and celebrate her first xmas :)

Happy year-ends all round *hugs*
I am so excited about posting my wishlist and definitely granting some wishes this year. It has been a tough year for me as I just lost my mom in July, but I am staying positive and hopeful that the holidays will be wonderful. Happy Holidays everyone!