Holiday Wishes, 2012-2013 Holiday Season!

Holiday Wishes in 2012!

holiday_wishes is officially open! Time to break out the wishes, gifts, Holiday spirit and good cheer!

The spirit of the Holiday Wishes meme is for everyone to put their hearts' desires out there, to wish for anything they could possibly want, no strings attached. The history of how it all started can be read here.

Since we are collecting all of these lists in a single forum, we do want to keep things as fair to everyone as possible. For that, we ask that you follow a few simple rules.  These are outlined below, but you can find the complete and detailed rules and posting guidelines on the community wiki.  Everyone who posts their wish list to this community is responsible for following these rules, as well as any updates given in mod posts.

Please note that, with the exception of mod posts, only wishlists are allowed to be posted in this community.  For general conversation, please chat in an open thread.  To thank another member for a gift, we recommend that you post in the holiday_thanks community.

When you post a wishlist, we ask...

  • That you post your wishlist once, and only once. Posting your wishlist twice may result in both wishlists being deleted.

  • That you keep your lists limited to no more than 10 wishes.

  • That you do not modify your wishlist once it's been posted.  You may not add or change items as wishes are granted.  Also, because people often use the number of comments a wishlist has received as an indicator of the amount of attention that list has been given, do not delete or screen comments containing offers of items.

  • That you only include no more than one external wishlist (i.e. Amazon) and no more than 3 types of giftcards.

  • That you do not include a PayPal button or solicit general PayPal donations.  Asking for financial assistance for a specific reason (e.g. buying school textbook) is fine, but share your PayPal email address only.

  • That you tag your wishlist, at minimum, with your country or continent, and preferably with the types of items that you're wishing for.

  • That you do not change the default font size or color, and do not post images over 400 pixels.

  • That you do not use a cut-tag unless your wishlist is unusually long or has images.  (This sounds strange, but cut-tags make it harder for wish-givers to browse the lists!)

  • That for your safety, you do not post a home mailing address.  Although we will allow adults to include their home address if they choose to, we encourage you to use a P.O. Box address or to leave your e-mail address and only provide a mailing address upon request via private email to those you are comfortable giving it to.

  • That you do not solicit in comments for your own wishlist.  Do not comment on someone's wishlist with a link to your own list or otherwise solicit traffic to your own wishlist, unless the original poster has explicitly asked for a link to your wishlist.

When you want to grant a wish, we ask...

  • That you bookmark the wishlist of the person who's wish you're granting. That way you won't forget who wanted the last Coldplay CD, or who asked for the Battlestar Galactica icons.

  • That, when mailing something through the postal service, you include some sort of identifying information with your package or card (LJ username or e-mail address) so the recipient can thank you (unless you're trying to remain anonymous). Also, be sure to use proper packaging and check local regulations for items that may not be sent through the mail.

  • That you don't ask for anything in return.  This is not a gift exchange community; if you send someone a gift, they are not obligated to send one back. Also, note that no money is to be exchanged in connection with items distributed through this community. If you are selling something, please use another site.

When you receive a gift, we ask...

  • That you thank the person who gave it to you directly (via e-mail or commenting on their wishlist, or their journal), and if you wish (or if the gift was anonymous) thank them publicly on an open thread or on [info]holiday_thanks (but please remember that not everyone watches that community, so the person who sent you the gift might not receive the Thank You.)

  • That you consider granting a wish in return and spread the love!

And finally, if a moderator asks you to edit your post, please listen to them. We are doing our best to keep this community fair and fun for everyone. Unfortunately, in a community of this size, this means we need to enforce our rules pretty strictly. Thank you for understanding!

If you have any problems, would like to report a problem with another community member, see a rules violation on a wishlist (i.e. someone who edited their post to include more than 10 items, or 2 wishlists that appear to be posted by the same person), please use the links on the left side of this community or contact a moderator through an open thread or e-mailing us at wishlist.project (at) gmail (dot) com.  Please do not contact moderators on their personal LiveJournal accounts.

Your moderators,

[info]bookaddict88, twilight2000, [info]outoftime, [info]kindergoth, [info]alchemia

P.S. This is your open thread for the week, so feel free to discuss anything at all in the comments!
Are these two images too big to include (both) on my wish list?



Hope I can keep better track this year of who I send what to - last year ended up completely frazzled but got everything sent :-P
I've decided on "The World Is Always Ending" as my Mix CD theme for this year.

No news on the job front, but it looks like a year of college will be covered under a special veterans' program.

Here's hoping for a safe and prosperous holiday season for all!
Would it be acceptable to include a request for the giver's original MP3s in an unlocked post, as a way to discover some new-to-me music? I know that in general you don't condone file sharing, but does a musician sharing their own work fall under that restriction?
Say, would it be ok to wish for Valentine's Day cards? I haven't gotten together a full list yet and thought of this, it would be fun to receive cards after yuletide...
Please can you not publish my wish list. I accidently pressed post. Can you please not publish it so I can re-submit it into moderation.

Or should I just let it be published and edit the post?


Edited at 2012-11-10 09:34 pm (UTC)
I know it says we aren't allowed to change or add items as wishes are granted, but are we allowed to put a strike through granted wishes to prevent people from going out of there way to send something that has already been received?
hi there, I had my post rejected, reason it was a 'double post', I'm sorry if it submitted more than once, LJ has been a bit odd today! plus, please feel free to correct my tags if I messed them up.Thanks!
No problem! Your other post should have gone through.

Also, you can add your own tags by selecting them from the list now that your post had been approved.

Edited at 2012-11-15 06:29 pm (UTC)
Does the rule about external wishlists apply to an gift catalog for a charity? This is the example:

I wondered if it would break the rules to include both that and an Amazon wishlist, or whether I should just link to the main site as well as an Amazon wishlist?
That should be fine! I don't know about the other mods, but I tend to be a lot more lenient when a wish is asking the giver to help someone else.
Woops! I just sent in my wishlist but forgot to put in my e-mail address! Is there anyway I can get it edited? It's in the moderation queue still. My email address is sblake1[at]student[dot]framingham[dot]edu - thanks!
Hi! :)

My wish list was rejected due to the size of the font. How do I go about editing it? Do I resubmit it with the correct size font?

Thanks! :)

Hi :) I was wondering if you would be open to affiliating to a site outside livejournal? I've just opened a gift exchange site, similar to secret santa but 4 times a year. It's The Great Gift Exchange. Thanks for your time :)
Hi! I would like to list memorabilia for a game as one of my wishes, but the items in question are a print and a pouch. Because they're both LE items related to the game, would they fit into one wish, or are they too specific that they would warrant their own slots?
If they are two specific items, then they should be listed as separate wishes (unless they're both listed on the same external wishlist on Amazon or something). If it's any print and any pouch, then they can probably be listed together. I realize this is fuzzy, so you may want to just submit your list and see what a mod says once we take a look.