2012 Christmas Wishlist

Hello, everyone!  This is my second year participating and I can't wait to see everyone's lists go up so I can start gifting. :)

My name is Kei, I'm genderqueer, and I live in BC, Canada.  I'm currently on disability assistance and live with my 17 year old tuxedo cat and friend/roommate.  I lost my best friend last month and am hoping to both give and receive a lot of love over the holidays to help deal with the loss and keep some positivity in my life.

For all material gifts, I am more than happy to accept used items and give them a wonderful home. :)

  1. Something from my Neopets wishlist, which can be found here, in the All On Me section: http://www.neopets.com/userlookup.phtml?user=kei_blossom.  I have both Neopoint and Neocash items listed, all varying in cost from cheap to super expensive.

  2. Badges or badge albums gifted to my Pogo account pogo.com/profiles/Blysse.  I'm a total badge addict and spend all of my gems on them!

  3. A new-to-me computer.  My current desktop is a franken-puter made from parts which are mostly about a decade old.  My OS is Windows 2000, I have 254MB of RAM, and I only have 40GB of harddrive space.  To be honest, my computer's probably not going to last much longer and I don't have the money to replace it.  A new-to-me computer would be wonderful, even if it's just an upgrade to Windows XP and a bit more RAM.

  4. Stuffed animals!  Big, small, new, old, cats, dogs, bears, or any animal you can think of.  I absolutely love plushies and my bed is covered in them. :)

  5. Send me something tasty from where you live!  I have no allergies and dislike spicy foods, but everything else is fair game~

  6. This Izaya Orihara figure made by Alter/Altair.  But if any Izaya figure/toy/merchandise shows up on my doorstep, I'll be just as excited! :D

  7. Gift cards for Subway [I'm not sure if the American cards will work up here in Canada?].  It's my favorite fast food place and there's one just down the street from me.  I'd love to be able to have some more subs!

  8. Art of my fursona--anything from a simple, silly doodle to a super fancy full-colored digital painting!  PM me or comment and I can give you some references of him to work with. :)

  9. Anything Hello Kitty-related.  I collect HK stuff and would love to add to my collection~  Drawings, icons, toys, cards, food, clothing--if it exists, I want it, lol!

  10. Please, donate to your local foodbanks.  If you can, do so year-round--help isn't just needed during the holidays.  I, myself, rely on my local foodbank to get by.  I go there as often as I'm allowed, all year long, and donations tend to run thin during the Spring and Summer months.  Also, please consider donating things aside from the usual canned beans and tuna.  Many families use foodbanks and need baby food and diapers.  People are in need of toiletries and pet food.  If you wish to donate pet food, I strongly urge you to give cat food--every foodbank I've been to always has piles and piles of dog food, but rarely anything I can bring home for my cat.

Kei Weir
197 Fourth St #205
Nanaimo, BC
V9R 1T1

androgynekei [AT] gmail [DOT] com

My LJ inbox is always open if you wish to contact me that way!
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I can definitely put together a care package for you from that list of yours - I'll private message you when I've mailed it!

Ruth x
I'll send you some yummy stuff! :D

And I'll make double sure to donate a couple cans of food to the million can drive that a local radio station has every time this year.
I would love to do some art for you!! <3

I will also be donating to a local foodbank, and it won't just be around the holidays :)
Thank you very much!

I made my way over to your dA account and love what I saw, especially the variety of types of art you've got up there.

Would you be more comfortable doing something with my fursona in his feral-bodied form [which is a fox] or as an anthro?
Ooh, thank you, that's awesome! :D

I'd love to snag the following plushies from you:

+White Kougra Plushie
+Cloud Ixi Plushie
+Christmas Uni Plushie
+Balthazar Plushie
+Faerie Brush Plushie
+Double Headed Uni Plushie
+Desert Peophin Plushie
+Christmas Shoyru Plushie
Hey there! I've got some Neopets things I can send your way. I'm the_vampire_elf. I'm sending you a friends request so I can send some stuff over =D Happy Holidays!!!!
I bought a cute plushie I can send you. Just need your snail mail.
I'd love it! I've never had a laptop before.

What OS does it have? I don't have any install disks, so it'll have to come with an OS or install disk for one.
I found your list :D My family always donates food and clothing to foodbanks and families in need.
I can do #9 for you. Would blinkies be ok? Or you can leave me some pixels you like and I'll turn them into blinkies for you.
Blinkies are nice. I also love pixel icons if you could do that. :) And if you have other Sanrio characters, that would be great, too!

Name: Kei. Stars or hearts are preferred if it needs to be longer. If that's not an option, use Keiko.
Tag: Kei
Favorite colors: Blues, teals, pinks, purples, and silvers.
Anything else: If you make icons, I prefer them without borders.

Thank you so much. :D