Happy holidays!

Hello everyone! I forget how many years I've been posting here (three or four?) but I'm always excited to come back and see what wishes I can grant as well as post a wishlist of my own. I'm Nashay. I'm a 28 year old artist who is currently two semesters into an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts degree at Goddard College. I am in love with all things paint and fiber, and lots of other things besides. Onto my list!

Teas. Whether it is in bags or looseleaf, I love tea and have been wanting to try new varieties. 
Tea mug with infuser. Something like this one, for loose-leaf teas.
Yarn. I'm a new-ish knitter and have been wanting to build my stash. I have no fiber allergies and am still experimenting to find out my favorite fiber types. I would really love this blanket kit.
Knitting Needles. Specifically, Knit Picks nickel-plated interchangable circular knitting needles.
Gift Certificates to Dick Blick (art supplies), Knit Picks and Loop (yarn).
Academic Advice. As I mentioned above, I am currently a grad student in the arts. My research interests are truly interdisciplinary; I am researching monologue and storytelling, feminism, sexuality, sexual orientation, gender, and LGBT culture in African American communities. My primary media are painting, printmaking, and mixed media. I'd like to apply for a Fulbright grant someday, as well as get a Ph.D in Africana Studies (I'm most interested in Brown University's program, because of its interdisciplinary nature). But how do I get to those goals from where I am now?
Website Design Help. I have no portfolio website. None of the template based sites I've seen seem quite right. Can you help me design something that would be just right for me, that I could learn to maintain?
My Amazon.com Wishlist. Used is fine, as are Kindle versions of books (if available).
Candy and chocolates from everywhere! Nothing with coconut, dark chocolate, licorice or banana flavoring please.
LGBT pride stuff. Buttons, pins, jewelry, whatever! I'm really proud of the person I am, why not show it?

If you'd like my address, please send me a PM. Thanks everyone and happy holidays to you and yours!
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I can hit two of these.

I'd love to send you some tea!

Also, I'm a professor of anthropology, sociology, and women's studies. My focus in gender and gender construction, narrative, and identity. I also do LGBTQ studies. My grounding in Africana studies is less solid, but my second Master's in Women's Studies exposed me to a lot of Black feminist and Black queer thought, so perhaps I can be helpful. I'd love to talk to you about your work, online or via real-live letters. Please feel free to add my on LJ...my journal's been quiet of late but I'm working on ramping it up.

Drop me a note at dakotawitch at gmail dot com with "Holiday Wishes" in the subject and your mailing addy for the tea in the body!
Do you mind slightly used yarn? I tried to do some crocheting once and just didn't get far with it. Still have the purple yarn.
PMed you. I can do a couple of these!

ETA: A little package went in the mail to you today. Enjoy!

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Academic advice! So, I'm also a grad student in the arts (theatre, so similar but different), and I had a Fulbright Fellowship several years ago. My general advice is:

a) Carefully choose your country of study. It helps if you know the language, of course, but the Fulbright website also maintains a list of how many people applied for a country each year, and how many fellowships were awarded, so you can get an idea of how competitive each country is.

b) Have a problem to solve. Sometimes it's difficult to articulate a goal/desired outcomes in the arts. If you can find someone in the host country articulating a problem or challenge you'd like to explore, that's especially great. Remember that the Fulbright is about promoting cross-cultural understanding, so if the problem has something to do with that, so much the better.

c) Construct a convincing plan. The more tangible details you can provide about what you want to do, the better. An endorsement from an artist, institution, or researcher who's agreed to work with you goes a long way. Remember that there's nothing holding you to this plan once you arrive, but they want you to have thought it through. As an extra-special bonus, making a plan like this can be an interesting exercise in planning; even if you don't get a fellowship, you may stumble across some other way you can follow this plan.

If you have specific questions about the Fulbright, I'm happy to discuss. You can PM me, or shoot me an e-mail at yahoo: my address is the same as my LJ name, but with no underscore.
I MIGHT be able to help you with the website. It just depends on what you are looking for. If you email me at redwingprincess@gmail.com we can chat and I can see if I can help you. I built my work's old website and I currently maintain our new one.

I for sure would like to send you some tea & chocolate. I'll send you a PM!