Wishin' and Hopin'

Hi guys! :D  I've lost track of how many years I've been doing the holiday wishlist thing on LJ, but I'm happy to be back another year. My name is Jasmine, I'm 24, and I just recently moved from Texas to Massachusetts. IT'S LIKE BEING IN A DIFFERENT COUNTRY, Y'ALL. I'm going through intense culture shock, depression and homesickness. I've been looking forward to holiday_wishes to cheer me up, which is why I'm posting so early (normally I don't show up until December!).

01. Amazon Wishlist
Buying used is fine, and I'll be adding more things to it all the way through January (my birthday is in January, haha). I'd just request that if you buy something, please mark it as having been purchased :D I won't see it but others who visit the list will!
02. Gift Certificates: Amazon, Sock Dreams, Etsy
Amazon Gift Cards are my life, haha. But I'd also appreciate them for Sock Dreams (I just moved to Massachusetts, from Texas, and my feet are freezing), or Etsy!
03. Tarot/Oracle Cards
I am kind of a tarot card addict, haha. I already own a lot of decks, but if you have something I don't already own (you can see a list here), then I would love it being sent my way!
04. Laptop
BASICALLY MY PIPE DREAM. I am currently using a borrowed laptop that I will have to send back soon, which will leave me without a computer. If someone has a laptop or netbook they're not using, I would appreciate that so much! (Because I move around a lot, having a desktop isn't practical, but I am desperate and would accept that too!)
You know those awesome fandom belnds at Adagio? I really want to try some! Especially Reichenbach Recovery, I feel like I need that in my life. But anything from my fandoms would be appreciated (currently really into:  Cabin Pressure, Doctor Who, Firefly, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Homestuck, Sherlock, and Supernatural)
06. Snail Mail or Cards
As I've mentioned, I just moved to Massachusetts from Texas, and I'm miserable here, haha. I think that getting some things in the mail might make me feel more at home, or at least a little less like I don't belong here and will never adjust. So yeah, email me for my address and I will send it! 
07. Beef Jerky
I HAVEN'T HAD BEEF JERKY IN SO LONG. I will accept any and all jerky sent my way.
08. Twang
I have yet to find a place that sells Twang Salt here, and I miss it like crazy. My favourite flavor is pickle, but I'm desperate and will take anything.
09. Candles
I go through SO many candles, it's ridiculous. I prefer unscented ones, but I'll take anything unless it's flavored with vanilla or smells like a sugar cookie candle.  For some reason those candles make me ill.  But anything else is more than welcome, including dollar store novena candles. I'm not picky, although it would be nice to try something beeswax for once.
10. Surprise Me!
:D  I've never gotten a surprise, but it sounds nice.

You can email me for my address, or send gift cards to onawhim@lilybulb.org
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I'd be happy to send you a card and I'm sure I can manage to throw a little surprise in there, too :)

If you would, just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at yahoo.com
I'd love to send you something. Can you pm me your address?
Whoa, I never knew about fandom teas! :O Homg, they have Mass Effect ones. ♥_♥!! I'm gonna send you a card just for that! :D PM me your address?
Hey there, happy holidays!

I'd like to send you something from your list so feel free to shoot me your email address at javafiend90815@gmail.com