Here's to a Happy New Year

Hi everyone! I'm glad a friend reminded me about this community, I haven't posted here in a few years.

I'm Revé. I'm 27 years old and currently live in the Chicagoland area.

Introduction: Well...let's just say that the one upside to the year/life I've had is that I'm finally fully inspired to write a series of amazing memoirs, as I've been encouraged to do for years. Keep a look out for the If I were you, I wouldn't believe me either series, written in English and Spanish, coming to an Amazon site near you. I've said quite a few times that the upside to a bad situation is a good story...and I have 3 books worth of interesting stories to tell and lessons to impart from them.

Now that I've thoroughly introduced myself, here is my wishlist...

1. Amazon wishlist. Some items I state that I would actually prefer used.

2. Pretty much anything that is a shade of purple, is sparkly, or has glitter. Purple has always been my favorite color...and I like sparkly/glittery things, as much as I don't like to admit it lol

3. Materials (books, pdfs, etc) to teach English or Spanish to non-native speakers

4. Chocolately/sugary foods - This is particularly delicious if you'd like a suggestion (I bought it with a Groupon once) and located in Chicago, so if you wanted to get this for me you could tell me to pick it up myself to save you money on shipping. That's what I did anyway when I bought the Groupon ;-)

5. Giftcards - Visa, Walmart, Target, for myself and my parents

6. Educational/Job/Career Advice - I'm looking to possibly get an online MPH degree at University of Illinois at Chicago and a CELTA certification with the intentions of studying and working overseas simultaneously. I'm hoping to be able to do the CELTA course in Boston in winter/spring next year as my sister goes to school in the area, so in theory I could stay with her for that month and save money. Any advice you can give me related to this would be appreciated, especially regarding finances and other logistics (e.g. how can I fund an online master's degree aside from loans since assistantships would not be an option)

7. Care package - toiletries, homemade stuff if you're crafty/artistic/etc, packages of things for a family with young children, whatever you would like

8. Surprise me - whatever you feel like sending via postal mail or email

9. Advice on a guy - we live 4000+ miles away from each other, both broke, trying to figure out how to [hopefully/possibly] be together and start a family; he's why I'm working on #6

10. Good thoughts/prayers sent my way - here's hoping that next year is better than this one

You can message me at profe.reve [at] if you want. I'll reply to you from either that email address or my main email, as the above gets forwarded to it :-)

I'm sharing the few teaching English as a foreign language pdfs that I have -- they're mostly for advanced level. I've used them all. I'm also very happy to provide email advice if that'd be useful once you start working/teaching. Here's the link:

As for funding masters degrees, could you private tutor anyone in any subject(s)? It's usually cash-in-hand and not too tiring or time-consuming, particularly if you can tutor several kids in the same subject and re-use your resources. There's nothing to stop you advertising English as a foreign language tuition before you're qualified, as long as you undercut your competition and don't pretend you do have qualifications. It'll be a snowball effect, once you have a few clients, trust me. There are also some websites where you can tutor via Skype, so don't eliminate that as a possibility.

Also, old-fashioned tho it is - and it's not enough to live on by any means - try babysitting. Little children go to sleep, leaving you free to study, and (voice of experience) while you're sitting in somebody else's home with their heat and light on, you aren't pushing up your own energy bills! You could also consider working as an au pair, depending on *where* you want to live abroad.
Thank you!

I actually have quite a bit of experience teaching EFL and other subjects, and do have another TEFL certification, but I need CELTA to get the jobs I want in the region where #9 and I would most likely be living. So now I have to bite the bullet and get that specific certification :-p
Aha! Oh, I see your point now totally. I have another TEFL certification which is fine for the summer school crammers in my university town, but not for being abroad. What region is it, if you don't mind me asking? And if you're experienced - you can probably do really well tutoring! What about an online writing centre for essay skills?
Possibly France (he's from Spain and is leaving the country after he's finished with grad school next year). Or elsewhere in Europe to start. So CELTA is basically necessary.

Do you know of any specific online writing centres, that'd be a good thing for me to look into now :-)

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Would a purple, sparkly snowflake work? I have one that I'd be happy to send you. If you would, just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at
Let me know what kind of yarn you want and I'll get working on your purple mittens. :D
I can send something snail mail, if you wouldn't mind PMing your home address. :)
Have you thought about maybe living in Russia or Georgia yourself for a few months?
I know that the Georgian school pays the flights over there and organises a host family. You'd be closer at least. My friends did it for a year.
I saw when I was looking at Russia that they gave you flights once a month to fly somewhere else. Might be worth a google at least?