Help Robin get her wings

Hi everyone! My wife and I have been members of this community more or less since the whole thing began. We love doing this every year, and our kids have especially enjoyed helping others.

This year, I only have one thing to ask of you.

Please visit

Our daughter, Robin, has cerebral palsy. Her current wheelchair is in a ridiculously awful state, and we've been fighting the state and insurance for ages, so we decided to take matters into our own hands to get her what she so desperately needs. We discovered a power standing wheelchair, which would really give her a new lease on life and open a whole new world of opportunities for her. Her oldest sister, Lisa, spearheaded a campaign for her (a video she recorded for it is at the above listed indiegogo site), which we call "Team Robin". We have the social media network covered, from Tumblr, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Youtube (all listed at We've been at this since August and we have 26 days left in the campaign, and we could use some help. ANY AMOUNT would help. All we ask is that you visit the page, check out the campaign, and if you find it in your heart to contribute something to help Robin, fantastic! If not, please just pass on the link (accompanied with a few words) to help us realize this dream for Robin. Like us on FB, follow us on Twitter, follow us on Tumblr. If you keep up with the Facebook, you'll see updates and all sorts of awesome stuff going on.

That's all I want for Christmas, for Robin's story to be heard, and just maybe... this dream for her be realized.
Thank you, everyone, and Happiest of Holidays to you :)
Monetarily, I cannot do anything this year, but I did like you on FB and begin following you on Twitter. I will happily retweet when needed :)
Thank you very much! Every person who sees it is one step closer to possibly making this happen for my daughter :)
Wow! indiegogo is awesome. You've raised $15K? Wow.

As someone who has a disability (spina bifida!), wheelchairs are totally important. It's so unfortunate that insurance and the government sucks when it comes to supporting those who need such devices for the best quality of living!
It's really been a nightmare the past few years. The Indiegogo was a last resort. We're really overwhelmed at how well it's gone since August.

What triggered all of this is Robin's older sister, Lisa, happened to see this video on a technology news website:

And she realized how much that would be a new life for Robin. It's just so tragic that they don't offer that here in the States! But it started a fire with us, her family, and we learned about power standing wheelchairs, and we just went from there :)
I know I can share the links, and hopefully maybe can help a little. *hugs* I really hope she can get it.