Hi all! I'm baaaaaack (I know, you're all "who is THAT?") ... but I digress. :)

I'm Demmie, long-time listener, first time caller.

Okay I kid, I kid. I blame the coffee. Or lack thereof.

I'm Demmie, 40-something mom here in central Florida. Been a member since more or less the inception of this cray experiment, and it's become a tradition for myself, my husband, and my chilrens. We make it a habit to anonymously fulfill at least ten wishes a piece before we dive on in. Good habit to get into :)

No sob story. I'm an acerbic person by nature, but I've learned to take everything life throws at me, no matter what the circumstances, as a lesson to be learned, and to grow. And while I don't always succeed, I've found myself a better person by following that philosophy. Sure, it's been a rough year, but instead of pouring out my soul about all that's gone wrong, I choose to focus on the awesome, no matter how small. And that's what I impart upon my kids, the feeling of, no matter what's going on in your life, it instantly improves by doing something unexpected for someone else. <3

Okay so... Joel McHale style.... here's...casting these to the wind and see what happens, if anything.


1. If you do nothing on this list, please check out this post by my husband. I've been pretty consumed with this project since July, and we have 19 days left. I'm biting my nails and trying hard to not believe that we won't make the goal for my little girl. But it's tough. There's a Facebook that you can like and share (with some words of encouragement maybe?), a Twitter you an follow and retweet stuff (we could use the help), a Youtube you can subscribe to (lots of videos), and then of course, the Indiegogo. Even if you don't find it in your heart to contribute (ANY amount helps, really), please share with someone who can, maybe, with some words of your own added. I do try so hard to stay positive, but well, watch the video on the Indiegogo page, and you'll see what I mean. Any help at all would be ... awesome.

Besides, tomorrow is GIVING TUESDAY. True story. Don't believe me? <-- Check it :) Black Friday. Small Business Saturday. Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday <3

Edit: And just for the record, I know it says we made the goal. No, we actually didn't. If you read the page, it'll tell you why while we cleared the big hurdle, we still need your help.

2. Bpal, especially bath oils. My fave scents are the dark/foody scents like Creepy or Bite Me, and I have recently fall heavily in love with the bath oils. I would LOVE to start getting some of those... *drooool* *twitch*

3. Cat toys. You see, we recently lost our very beloved and darling Akita suddenly a couple months ago. Our family hasn't recovered, and won't for a while. For the kids, we did adopt a kitten to help them get through it (and it's helped wonders), and she goes through cat toys pretty quickly. Anyone who is willing to contribute some cat toys, that would be awesome. Kittens get bored so easily, so we have to constantly get her new stuff :)

4. Pay it forward. When you go to Starbucks, pay for the stranger behind you. Or pay the toll for a few cars behind you on the road. Anonymously take care of a check for a random family at a restaurant. That sort of thing. It's +50 karma points every time you do it, you know :)

5. My Tassimo Hot Beverage maker saves my LIFE (and probably lives around me). Any Tassimo T-discs of coffee, espresso, cappucino, etc. My lifeblood.

6. A Magic Bullet. I eat like crap, and am a creature of comforts. I was eating MUCH healthier and hooked on the Smoothie train when I had a Magic Bullet. It died on me recently, and my habits have suffered for it. :(

7. For each of you to grant ten wishes in this community. You know, pay it forward.

8. A coffee mug that says "Good Morning, Gorgeous!" That would be amazing.

9 and 10? Well, see above :)

If you find it in your heart to want to fulfill a wish? demmigoddess at gmail dot com with the subject "holiday wishes"

Thanks so much for reading :)

Happy happy! *throws confetti*
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4. I'll definitely be doing lots of that this holiday season!

6. OMG, I thought you meant one of those little magic bullet vibrators, LOLLLL. Oopsie ;) (now I'm picturing a stocking full of sex toys, hahahah)

Once I do an inventory on my kitty toy stash, I'll see if I have something new to spare for your kitty. I know how fast they go through toys. Mine tosses them under furniture all the time. I pulled out our dresser last week and found SIX mice. Jeez.
That would be awesome, thank you!

No, no. not THAT kind of Magic Bullet :) That makes a whole nuther different kind of smoothie LOL .. oh eww... hahahah

Oh and yeah, I'm ALWAYS finding stuff under the couches. She's about 6 months old, so she loses interest quickly. We have about a dozen toys, she's just all princess and turns her nose up after she's played with things a few times LOL
Hahahah they always do that. Fun for two days, then nothing. My cat has a whole basket full of toys he ignores.
We're so not used to that! We had our Akita for ten years, and while she wasn't a typical Akita personality, she never snubbed toys :) Guess it's a cat thing we'll have to learn to get used to :)
#6: We had one of these at the restaurant I worked at and they are amazing! I hope you can get a new one.

#7: I'm doing my best to grant whatever I can~ And I won't count this one towards the total, lol! ;)
I've doe #7 (well, I will have by the time the packages arrive) and I'll do my best to do #4. I'm cheering for you!
Thank you!! Minion (yes, that is what I named her) .. thanks you :)


I'll message you :)
4. I can do this and I plan to for when I go to Starbucks next time :) Or out to lunch/dinner :)