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I've been rather ill of late but I'm going to be trying to grant wishes to be less isolated, don't know how successful I'll be though. Hopefully I'll be able to grant some! Anyway, here's my list in absolutely not particular order:

1. I'm modding My Little Ponies from the current friendship is magic series, I'd be very interested in receiving any my little ponies or accessories (clips, brushes, outfits etc) from the current (friendship is magic) generation that you don't want or to small ponies from previous generations (I don't really have much interest in the fall sized ponies from early generations but the small, moulded with no hair ponies would be interesting.

2. I'm part of a campaign for getting better facilities and acceptance for non-binary-gendered people (i.e. people who's gender is neither male or female), and also intersex people. My wish would be for you to have a look at our website and if you are willing you help by a) request that a individual toilet facility near you is made gender neutral, b) a form that you are aware requires a binary gender has either that question removed or includes an "other" gender option or c) contact us if you would like to help out in some other way - the correspondance email is contact@totb.org.uk, help with getting a nicer webdesign especially appreciated.

3. I'd love any stories, icons, art, homemade items etc, will help with isolation and I enjoy things that other's have made. Things I love include: cats, AtLA, Korra, Friendship is magic (though preferably nothing too negative) and all things Japanese. You can get more of an idea of my tastes at my pinterest (which I hope to add more to over time).

4. I'm involved in setting up libraries at my local student union for both LGBT+ people and disabled people. These are open to everyone and designed to provide a safer space for people to access books and resources that they wouldn't otherwise do. The LGBT+ library was started when the trans rep who was a close friend of mine committed suicide just over a year ago and is run in his name. I'd love any suggestions for either of these or donations for them - as money or resources. The current catalogues are linked above. There should be contact details there but I believe it's lgbt-librarian@cusu.cam.ac.uk and disabled-librarian@cusu.cam.ac.uk. If you'd like to donate and don't know which the Disabled Students' Library is in need of resources.

5. Awesome access advice (and actual access devices). I'm a wheelchair user and would love to be given and pointers to nifty devices people have found that makes life a lot easier. I'd particularly be interested in any innovative ideas for communication when talking isn't possible.

6. Almost anything Japanese themed. I visited year for the first time and only ended up loving the place more and wanting to stay for longer. If you live in Japan or visited I'd love a postcard.

7. Interesting fabrics, knitting supplies and other art material - I want to do more art, both in terms of the my little pony projects and in general, and in terms of learning to knit again, I'd be really interested in anything you've got hanging around and don't want for me to use in various projects.

8. Cards/contact/care packages - I'm currently very socially isolated due to illnesses - both physical and mental - receiving cards and other things in the post or emails - especially if you don't mind short responses if I'm not up to more would be very helpful for feeling less alone. Please no cards that are very strongly christian/evangelical please.

9. Have a look at my photos at http://numberland.artician.com/ - comment if you want to - I am wanting to take and post more photos and this would be useful encouragement/feedback!

10. Pinterest wishlist board (can be used both specific requests or a general idea of what I like).

For those as are interested some awesome access things that I *love* and people might be interested in knowing about (not part of my wishlist):

1) The (stupidly expensive) Alber e-motion powered wheels, I got my life back thanks to them.
2)Silicone Cup Covers such as this are amazing because they form a seal with the cup so no more sloshing water over yourself.
3) Something you'll already know about I'm sure butI am *so* happy to have got a second hand stairlift fitted this week - a real life changer!
4) I also love the good grips cutlery range, especially the rocker knife which makes it possible for me to cut even hard food up when I couldn't even *hold* a normal knife.
5) I love Remember the Milk which is an awesome todo list and *so* much use with my memory issues.
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# 8 I can do! You can PM me your details if you want, or send it to me at epicureanpoetry@gmail.com <3
I don't seem to be able to PM you (I think you might have PMs set to friends only?) but emailed.
You are an amazing person, and I would be honored to send you one of my cards!
#2: I'm non-binary and thank you so, so much for doing this. ♥

#8: I'd love to be an e-mail buddy! I'm also physically and mentally ill, so I'm sure we'll have lots of common ground. Hit me up at androgynekei [AT] gmail [DOT] com. :)
I have some postcards that were sent to me from Japan. I'd love to send you one if you don't mind that the back has been written on! Just PM me :)
Ok for number 3, if fanfic is ok for the story I can do one for either- AtLA or Korra. :) If so please feel free to tell me whatever you would like and I'll get something for you! :D
Squee :) I love Iroh so much - so would love something on what happens to Iroh after the end of AtLA :)