Another year of wishes!!!

Merry Christmas, Happy Dewalli, Happy Hanukkah, a Kewl Yule & .....dang it, I'm missing one.. Kwanza! Joyous Kwanza!

This is my eighth (?) year in the community.. I grant tons of wishes every year - Usually small ones, but wishes nonetheless... I found last year's community to be pretty small.. I hope things pick up this year!

1. Click on the Hunger /Breast Cancer /Rainforest /Child Health /Literacy /Veterans /Autism /Animal Rescue site, or buy something off the site - for you... or me...

2. Snail mail.. be it a letter or a festive holiday season Greeting card (I do the Christmas thing, but not everyone does), or a Birthday Card come August (my birthday is the 27th), whatever the message or religious affiliation.. Non-English languages are cool too, but pls include a translation!

3. Coins.. I know there are collector coins in Canada & the States, so those would be great, plus any non-Canadian, preferably coinage..

4. Plushies.. any type of stuffed toy

5. Books.. whatever might be on my amazon list..( & this ebook, The Custom of the Army that I can't add to my wish list) List includes books by J D Robb, Diana Gabaldon, Farley Mowat, The Left Behind Series, pet health, etc..

6. Check out my website at

7. Small Toys & treats for my Puppy ( She goes through them like there is no tomorrow..

8. Women's boxers.. 3x/4x

9. Home Hade Christmas Decorations

10. Subscription to Cesar Millan's magazine.

My Additional Two Cents..
  • Remember ~ if you receive a gift, Say Thank You!!
  • IMO big items deserve a Personal Thank You.. do so after you receive the item so the sender knows it's been received.. ...I have been disappointed in the past with the few thank yous I've received for gifts I've sent, esp the DVD I sent to England a few years back..
  • Request about tags.. pls include your country & continent.. I dunno about others, but I search by country & for those over the pond, by continent. Also include, as listed, your wishes, like mine will include stuff like cards, coins, recipes, etc..
  • Also keep an eye on your spam boxes; I've had wishes go awol in there
  • Leave me a link to your wish list, so I might be able to reciprocate..

    My addy is here

    K Ellis
    213-205 Morningside Ave
    West Hill, ON
    M1E 3E2
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    I will send you a card as well as something for Lilly. Is there anything you don't want her to have?
    As long as she can it swallow it, if it's not edible, and it's small enuf for her to eat/knaw on if it is, It's cool.. She's a Shih Poo
    I got it! Thank you.. She's not sure about the chew tho.. I'm sure she'll get to it.. she gets around to chewing everything else! *grin*
    Aww I'm glad it finally made it there! And eventually she'll like the chew :) Maybe soak it in broth? :)
    Thaks.. NOw, If I thought it was goo info to share, may I post it, with credit to you, of course?
    Yes, that's fine. Don't worry about crediting me. None of it is my copyright, but most are NHS publications so are fine to share. :)
    I click those links daily. :)

    Purchased something from your Amazon wishlist; it says it'll come in two shipments - one should be there by Christmas, one after.
    Today I got THIRD Package!!! OMG.. Thank you so much!!! :) So, 5 books in total, right? Thank you! Thank you Thank you!!