Holiday Wishes 2013...It's Coming!

That's right, it's that time of year again!

The official opening date of the holiday_wishes community for the 2013-2014 holiday season will occur on:

Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 9am EST (GMT-5)

Stay tuned for more information!  In the meantime, feel free to chat about anything you'd like in the comments!
Have been seriously looking forward to this! Got my list ready to post, and I'm going to have an awesome time making up care packages again...
Always happy to see this community up and running.

As returning folks will know, I mostly send out mix CDs every year. Here are some choices I'm considering for this year's theme:

Music with Rocks In: Geology-themed songs.

He was Legend: A tribute to Richard Matheson, who passed away this year.

Business Major: Songs related to college and business, to reflect what I have been doing this year.

Vote for your favorite!

Also, I will have a holiday giveaway at my blog, of books I have reviewed. Maybe two, one for Thanksgiving, and one for Christmas.
YAY! I think THIS COMMUNITY is the whole reason I haven't pulled the plug on LJ completely yet!!
I've been checking at least once a week for the past three weeks to see if you reopened for 2013 or not. YAY!!! I am so excited, my list is ready and I am ready to grant some wishes :)
Yay!! So excited about doing this again this year. Working on my list and can't wait to start granting some holiday wishes!! <3
Can't wait! Have been checking constantly for *coughs*a month or so*cough*

Going to try making a mix CD for the first time this year, I may have started the playlist back in July.
Looking forward to hearing more about this! Mix Cds are a wonderful art form.
I can't wait! I made some new friends here last year and I'm shivering with antici … … … pation for this holiday season! ♥

PS. I love the new layout.
I am super excited. This year I have a postage budget and heapsa stuff laid by to send out! Should be a good year to send cheer =D Bring on the 19th!
Holiday Wishes in 2014
Hi there! :)

Just a quick question: When do you think Holiday Wishes 2014 will officially be open? Do you have a tentative date in mind?

I know many of us are super excited to participate again and I'm sure others are just as curious! :)

Thanks! :)