It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! (For like the 8th year running? LOL)

About Me
Greetings! I'm Miss M. Turner. I'm 36 and I live in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida (USA) with my guy and three cats. (Used to only be two but we found and rescued the most adorable fluffy orange kitten earlier this year so now we have three. The felines are taking over!)

It's been a pretty good year all things considered and though life always has it's ups and downs, I think it's been more ups than down this year so that's always nice. I've been in this community for longer than I can remember. LOL I think like 7 or 8 years now? I look forward to it every year and enjoy both sending and receiving some holiday cheer!

1. As always, first and foremost: To have a good season in my shop PhoenixFire Designs
After my major surgery two years ago and not having a job to come back to after recovery, I decided to make a go at running my business full time. It's been the best decision ever but it can be scary because it's unpredictable. I can't always guarantee what my income will be. My holiday season tends to be make or break for me and I count on it a lot for the whole year. I make beautiful pieces by hand and with love, including my world-famous Tree of Life pendants. I also gladly customize and personalize!

Even just spreading the word is helpful! Posting my link or "Like" my facebook page is greatly appreciated. You can post it in your journal, pinterest, facebook, twitter - anything! The more people know about it, the more I have a chance of getting buyers! Please help support handmade this holiday!

You're also welcome to use any image in my shop or one of these images to link with as well:


2. And speaking of...Something Handmade by you or someone you know!
What's your specialty? I'd love to see what you (or someone you know) loves to make by hand. Knit, crochet, sew, printmaking, woodwork, paper crafting, photography, paint, art, ceramics, pottery, glass, embroidery, screen printing, etc., etc., etc.....I'm leaving this totally open. Help support other handmade artisans too!

3. Any Kind of Craft Supplies!
And continuing the handmade theme, I can always use more supplies! I am a very crafty person and welcome just about any craft supplies! Rubber stamps, stickers, beads (not plastic please), jewelry findings, gemstone beads, papercraft items, die cuts, embossing folders, fabric, notions, tools - you name it, I'll take it! :)

4. Gift certificates for Supplies!
There are always things I need running my own business. Especially supplies. So maybe you can help with gift cards I can use for places to get things to run my shop. Got $7.52 left on one? I'll still gladly put it to good use. Craft stores, office supply, even places you might not think of like home decor and such that I use for my displays when I have a craft show - just about anything is helpful!

Three places that are exceptionally awesome?

5. Anything from my amazon wishlist.
Ok, so I admit. I also like some good old fashioned material things too. LOL But I don't mind gently used items. I'm a big believer that many things in life can be enjoyed by more then one person and shared. (And if you already own something on the list and want to pass it on, that's awesome too!)

6. Anything Back to the Future
I LOVE Back to the Future. Like, seriously, I know the first movie by heart. It's my ringtone on my cell. And I have like 6 versions of the DVD/Blu-Ray because every time it comes out, I buy it again. LOL So, anything about, or from or inspired by - handmade or store bought - would be super fun. DeLorean items, Doc Brown, Marty - it's all good. Tees, keychains, posters, postcards, figures, autographs, promotion things, whatever. Silly? Yes, of course. But that's half the fun.

7. Hand Knit Socks
This one is a guilty pleasure for me. I love soft, hand knit socks. I can't knit my way out of a paper bag! I have pretty small feet (size 6.5 US or about 9" long) so maybe a kind knitter out there would make me a pair?

8. Surprise me!
Take a look at my likes in my profile or read any my past journal entries. Any of that spark an idea for you? Think of something I didn't mention specifically but think I might like? Go for it! (Feel free to email me/comment too if you have any specific idea/questions.) Handmade is awesome and appreciated. Gently used/pre-loved is as well.

9. My pipe dream wish: Canon EF or EF-S Len(es)
Something like the Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens. Oh, excuse me, I drooled a little on my list. Sorry about that. Photography is my second passion and earlier this year I got a Canon T4i DSLR and I just love it. I love having so much more control over what I can do. But I really want to upgrade my kit lens. So the 17-55mm looks awesome. (The 15-85mm looks nice too.) Either way, it's like $800 so yeah, dream I know but hey, can't fault a girl for dreaming big! :)

And last but certainly not least... 10. Holiday cards!
Bonus if they have penguins on them, or owls, or winter scenes and extra bonus if they are Yule/Solstice themed. But honestly, any and all cards are SO welcome! I absolutely love mail. I check my mailbox every day because I just love getting mail. It's like a present.

I do my absolute best to send return cards back for all I receive, so please remember to include your return address!

Miss M. Turner
PO BOX 1484
Elfers, FL 34680


ALLERGY NOTE: Because of my migraines, I can't have anything that was around smoke and I can't have any scented products unless they smell like food. Anything with a musk or a perfume or non-edible scent will trigger a migraine. I am also allergic to artificial sweeteners. Thank you.

(And if you feel like we have a lot in common, please feel free to friend my journal! I always welcome new friends. I even get chatty in the comments so if you see a ton of replies to this entry, that's why! LOL)

Thank you in advance! I hope you and yours have a beautiful holiday season!
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Awesome! You're here again! And I am definitely sending you some goodies...
Aw, that is amazingly flattering to have someone say it's awesome you're here. :) Thank you! I just remembered it's that time of year late last night so I will be going through lists soon.
Hau’oli Lanui (Happy Holidays)
I card send you a card but I'll see what else I can do. Please PM your address & wishlist link. This will make things easier with the gifting this year :) Mahalo.
I'll definitely be checking out your PhoenixFire Designs shop -- what beautiful handmade jewelry! :) Looks like they'd make great gifts too! I just shared the link to your shop on my Facebook page and liked your page as well. :)

For #2:

My poetry:

My photos:

My friend Caroline's Photos:

M.C.A. Hogarth's (haikujaguar) Writing and Art:

Elizabeth Barrette's (ysabetwordsmith) Writing:

I would highly recommend visiting any of the above links! :) The writing, art and photographs are all beautiful and impressive and I hope you enjoy them too! :) I'd also love to hear your thoughts! <3

I'll definitely be sending you a card (I just got some with penguins on them too!) and I have a few other ideas. Would you be interested in a cupcake decorating kit that I have that is Halloween themed? Also, I have plenty of music to share if you're interested (let me know what kind you prefer listening to/your favorite artists if you are interested) and also: Do you like reading/are interested in checking out O: The Oprah Magazine? I get a discounted rate on gift subscriptions to O Magazine since I'm a subscriber myself and was wondering if you would be interested in subscribing to it. Let me know! :)

Merry Christmas! :D
I've been out all day (we had an early family "Thanksgiving" today since much of the family will be on a cruise over the actual day) but I'll definitely take a look at the links! I really enjoy photography as well, so I always enjoy seeing what other people like to shoot as well. :)

Thanks for the compliments and the sharing of the link! The more it gets out there, the better. Word of mouth helps so much.

I love Halloween so sure! I'd be interested, thanks! :) Music...I like a lot of alternative rock mainly (Imagine Dragons, fun., Mumford and Sons, Linkin Park, etc.) but I tend to listen to a little of a lot of things (except country. Just can't do country! LOL)

I've never really read O but maybe? I get a few mags a month and they're always fun when you don't want to read anything in depth.

Merry Christmas to you too!
Hi there! I have some stickers I can send you! I'll send them along with a holiday card! :3
I already follow you on FB :-) But, I did make sure I added a few of your newer pieces to my Amazon wishlist...your work is, as always, amazing.
Oh very cool you follow my page already! Thanks for adding a few pieces to your wishlist. Hope someone gets some for you! ;)
Hey there! I was looking over your list and I saw something I think I can help with. Can you drop me your snail mail address at smallwaldo [at] (And do me a huge favor, please remind me of your LJ name in the email so I'm sure to match the right list with the right address. Thanks!)
Will be sending you something!

Also, the jewelery in your shop is beautiful. I've seen it around on holiday_wishes before and it amazes me that you can create all of it by hand.
Aw, thank you!

Yeah, all just my two little hands. Which explains my perpetually nicked up fingers and shoddy nails that I never bother polishing. They're working hands! LOL
Did you ever play the BTTF game released by Telltale Games in 2011? It started as five separate downloads and has since been compiled into a disc release for PC and, I think, PS 3.
Ironically, I just grabbed it for like $10 the other day on PS3 but I haven't had a chance to actually play it yet. Saw it on the shelf and was like, MINE! ;)