Ho! Ho! Holiday Wishes Once Again to All! :D

About Me
Greetings! I'm Miss M. Turner. I'm 37 and I live in Florida with my guy and our three cats. (Yes, we've added one!)

2014 has had it's highs and lows. Things were pretty great until my husband had sudden brake failure and was in a major accident August 1st. Our much-beloved Honda Element (in Galapagos Green) was totalled. He was really banged up - in fact his bruised ribs still aren't 100% yet - but I am so thankful he walked away alive and only battered. So we had to buy a new car which meant a car loan and a lot of expenses as a result. It's put us a bit behind these past few months so I'm hoping we can get back on more stable financial ground soon.

I've been in this community for longer than I can remember. LOL I look forward to it every year and enjoy both sending and receiving some holiday cheer!

1. To have a good season in my shop PhoenixFire Designs
Especially with the car accident, I need to help get us caught up financially again. I make beautiful pieces by hand and with love, including my world-famous Tree of Life pendants. I also gladly customize and personalize!

Even just spreading the word is helpful! Posting my link or "Like" my facebook page is greatly appreciated. You can post it in your journal,tumblr, instagram, pinterest, facebook, twitter - anything! The more people know about it, the more I have a chance of getting buyers! Please help support handmade this holiday!

2. Jewelry/Bead Supplies!
I always need jewelry supplies! Swarovski crystals, gemstone chip strands, faceted rondelles, findings (earring hooks, headpins, clasps, etc.) Just no plastic/pony beads please as I can't use them.

3. Anything from my amazon wishlist.
I don't mind gently used items. I'm a big believer that many things in life can be enjoyed by more than one person and shared. (And if you already own something on the list and want to pass it on, that's awesome too!)

4. Anything Back to the Future
I LOVE Back to the Future. Like, seriously, I know the first movie by heart. It's my ringtone on my cell. And I have like 6 versions of the DVD/Blu-Ray because every time it comes out, I buy it again. LOL So, anything about, or from or inspired by - handmade or store bought - would be super fun. DeLorean items, Doc Brown, Marty - it's all good. Tees, keychains, posters, postcards, figures, autographs, promotion things, whatever. Silly? Yes, of course. But that's half the fun!

5. Something Handmade
What's your specialty? I'd love to see what you love to make by hand. Knit, crochet, sew, printmaking, woodwork, paper crafting, photography, paint, art, embroidery, screen printing, etc., etc., etc.....I'm leaving this totally open. If you need inspiration, feel free to check out my pinterest boards which have TONS of crafty inspiration divided up by category.

6. Hand Knit Socks
This one is a guilty pleasure for me. I love soft, hand knit socks. I can't knit my way out of a paper bag! I have pretty small feet (size 6.5 US or about 9" long) so maybe a kind knitter out there would make me a pair?

7. Gift certificates. For just about anywhere!
Craft stores, Restaurants, retail stores, online stores, big box stores - you name it. I don't mind if you've used part of it and have $7.52 left on it. I know sometimes people give you ones for places you might not like or need or use and they sit and collect dust in your wallet.

Three ones I could use most?

8. Anything Boston Bruins for my husband!
He's had a rough few months of it, so I'd love to get him some Bruins stuff. Being in Florida, there's not a lot of it available here. Anything would be awesome from keychains, stickers, car magnets, tess (XXL), etc.

9. Do something nice for someone
This is the time of year when so many people are stressed out. If you can try and do something nice for someone else, it really goes a long way. It can be something simple like holding a door for someone with too many things in their hands, or helping carry something heavy. Maybe you can donate some of your time to a local charity, or if not time, try to give a couple bucks to an organization that matters to you. (Animals, literacy, environment, etc.) Doing something nice for someone else freely and with no expectation of getting something back is just about the best feeling in the world. So try to pass it on. :D

And last but certainly not least... 10. Holiday cards!
Bonus if they have penguins on them, or owls, or winter scenes and extra bonus if they are Yule/Solstice themed. But honestly, any and all cards are SO welcome! I absolutely love mail. I check my mailbox every day because I just love getting mail. It's like a present.

Miss M. Turner
PO BOX 1484
Elfers, FL 34680


ALLERGY NOTE: Because of my migraines, I can't have anything that was around smoke and I can't have any scented products unless they smell like food. Anything with a musk or a perfume or non-edible scent will trigger a migraine. I am also allergic to artificial sweeteners. Thank you.

Thank you in advance! I hope you and yours have a beautiful holiday season!
Hi, I remember you from previous years! I'm sending you a card. :)
Something small...
I posted your shop on my FB - I love your designs (knew your shop before I saw your list)! Best wishes!
I added your store to my favorites on Etsy. So many pretty things! I know lots of people who'd like your jewelry. :D
That would be fantastic! It's so hard to find Bruins things here in Florida and my hubby has been a fan since he was a kid. Thank you!
I'd love to send you a card. I'll also send you my precious glass beads (handmade in Sweden), seeing as I need them to go to a good home. They used to be part of a Pagan prayer necklace I used during my teens. Happy holidays! :)
Sending a scarf - I made a BUNCH while my husband was in hospital last summer, and they need homes.
2. You inspired me to go through my jewelry box and figure out what I want to keep and what I've been planning to make, so I can send you some beads. I'm making a post office run tomorrow.
I'll be sending you a card, and also, I have tons of hockey cards, though most are from 1998 and before, so if he had some favorite players from those days, I could likely find some cards for him.

Hrm, older players... One of his favorites was Ray Bourque. Also, Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, Anson Carter, Phil Kessel, um...Cam Neely, Sergei Samsonov, Adam Oates, Don Sweeney, Nikolai Khabibulin, Jeremy Roenick, Andrew Raycroft, Hal Gill, Peter Forsberg.

Not sure if that's too many! LOL Just trying to think of players I know he's liked over the years.