Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

My name's Catherine. I'm 26 years old. I have a few wishes for Christmas.

1. Positive vibes. I'm feeling the best I ever have in life, but I'm still scared that it'll slip away. Prayers/positive vibes/peace/etc would be amazing. Send it to me, send it to the next person, send it to everyone.
2. Fanart of my OCs I should be a bit more specific I guess? These babies. If you're interested, you can find color/full references on this page here.
3. Amazon Wishlist
4. Walmart Gift Cards would be cool.
5. Christmas Cards!!!!
6. Tattoo designs I really want a new tattoo, but I don't know what to get, so inspiration is great, or even a custom design. (Especially if it's a cat design)
7. ITunes Gift Cards I need to add to my music collection ;-;
8. Gas Cards I'd like to use my vacation time to take a week off of work and drive up to Georgia to visit my grandmother. I haven't seen her since 2009 when she was down for a funeral.
9. Kindle As long as it works, I'd be happy. ;w;
10. Someone who may want to exchange care packages. This would be something I'd talk about doing maybe right after the holidays? Get some local food goodies, or feel good items and exchange them. I live in Louisiana, so I can think of a few neat things to pack up.

Email: xCalee at Gmail
Two of these I can absolutely do right here and now:
1. Absolutely sending good vibes. I hope you are doing well, continue to do well, and make next year even better than this one.
6. Here's my tattoo inspiration board on Pinterest. Maybe one of these might spark something?
I'd definitely be interested in exchanging care packages after the holidays and I'd love to send you a card now! If you would, just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at :)
I can't buy you one, but I have used this site before and it is great! You could pic up a used kindle here for as low as 40$. I have seen them as low as 20$ on here as well, and you can set up price alerts. :)
2) Goodness - so many cuties! I don't think I'll have the time to do a big group picture, but are there any one or two in particular that you'd like fanart of?

6) I have a Pinterest board of body art - some of it is henna or ropework or body paint, but there are a number of lovely tattoos on there as well - here you go!

5) I'd be happy to send you a Christmas card. :) PM me your address? (Unless you'd prefer I e-mail you, but I'm a little afraid addresses will get buried in my e-mail inbox!)

10) I'd be happy to exchange small care packages. :D
Sending some positive energy your way. I know how it feels to be afraid the good stuff can slip away any time, especially health-wise. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays! :)