Hello everyone!

Hello! Posting this sort of thing always leaves me feeling a bit guilty, but here we go!

1. Here is my Amazon Wish List!

2. Mixtapes!!! I like pretty much all styles of music so anything is welcome! Indie pop is my favorite though! (After K-pop, but I don't need any more K-pop hahaha.)

3. Postcards! I collect artsy ones! (I don't really like the typical ones as I can't display them.) Handmade ones are even better! (If you me one I will send one back!)

4. Christmas Cards!

5. LUSH giftcards. I heard that their lip gloss is really good because it is made of shea butter and doesn’t have petroleum or salicylic acid, both of which damage your lips. My lips are too the point that they are bleeding weekly so.... Yea. I would like to be able to try it eventually!

6. Kind of on the same note, any quick and easy homemade beauty tips! Recently I have gotten really into oatmeal masks and the like!

7. Book recommendations! I love Sci-fi, Fantasy and Dystopia! My favorite books being Battle Royale, 1984 and House of Suns.

8. I am looking to get into penpaling again, so anyone who wants to exchange a few letters on cute stationary? I have so much cute stationary that I really need to use... lol

9. I feel this is unreasonable, but any Star Trek, Studio Ghibli, Zelda-esque shirts! I wear size XL and... am in dire need. All my shirts are falling apart and have holes.

10. And on that note, for anyone to buy the shirts I have made so far, and/or request that I make them a shirt. I need more design ideas!

If you do anything for me PLEASE include your wishlist in the comments so I can see if there is anything nice I can do for you in return. ♥
I am not good at asking for things! I am much more comfortable doing things for others. ;;;

I sent you a PM! Thanks!
7) Have you read Biting the Sun by Tanith Lee? It's pretty much my favourite thing ever. If you like cats, Tailchaser's Song by Tad Williams is very interesting, and is another old favourite. Virtual Death by Shale Aaron is more cyberpunky... and I love Idlewild by Nick Sagan.

4/8) I don't have much cute big stationary, but I have lots of cute little stationary and three boxes of Christmas cards that I'd be happy to penpal with. :P PM me your address if this seems groovy?
7. Nope! I haven't read any of these! I will add them to my to-read list!

4/8. Cute little stationary is the best tbh!! I have a lot of big stationary at the moment that I need to use. I can send you some extras blanks too if you like!! (They will be folded though.)

Super groovy and already did! ♥
I can send you a holiday card, and maybe some postcards. What kind of artsy ones do you like? I used to be part of a postcard exchange so I've got a bunch of different ones. Will you PM me your address? Please and thank you. :)

And my wishlist is here. ♥
Ooooo a postcard exchange? Lucky!! I always wanted to try joining one of those but never have. I am not sure the exact style I like, but you could look through my art tag on my tumblrto get an idea of my tastes maybe? (Though that may be a bad example... as it has been mostly anime style lately... ;;;;;) Anything that isn't "Welcome to STATE" with a picture of the states animal and flower is probably up my alley though hahahah,

I decided to actually take pictures of some of the ones I have gotten from friends over the years that I love love love. Here!
Re: #6
When your lips recover somewhat, you can make an easy treatment for them with olive oil and sugar. The olive oil keeps them happy, while the sugar crystals gently slough away any rough, dead skin. I do this about once a month, sometimes twice over the winter. (You need a very small amount of each, maybe one tablespoon of olive oil, and one teaspoon of sugar.) Wouldn't recommend eating it, though. ;)
RE: Re: #6
Oh thanks for the tip! Do you think olive oil alone would be a good idea for now? I don't think they need any exfoliating at the moment hahaha. ♥
I'd like to send you an arty postcard. :) PM me your address when you have a moment.
Okay! I will PM you right away! Thanks so much!

Also. love your icon! Brings back memories!
I will add it to my to-read list! And thank you for the link! I can start it right away! ♥
Would love to send you Christmas cards/postcards :) :) Unfortunately I'm not good with handmade cards; but I can get nice artistic ones for you
Sure thing! I will PM you in a second!

Oo a Dystopian book I haven't even heard of! Nice! Thank you for the rec!!

The comments on that post! OMG! How could I not try it after reading them!? Thanks! I am excited!
Since you like Dystopia, I recommend We by Yevgeny Zamyatin and Flatland by Edwin Abbott Abbott.
Oh I forgot. If you want to homemake sugar scrub to help exfoliate your skin. Just take olive oil and white sugar. Put 2 parts oil to 1 part of sugar. When you're in the shower just rub it at the end of your shower (avoid the face, the oil will break you out) until the sugar is dissolved and then just quickly rinse the extra oil off. You can add scents if you want like vanilla or ect though how much just depends on you. Also you can add less oil or more and same with sugar depending on how you like it to feel. It leaves your skin feeling silky when you get out of the shower.