"As secret as yon buried stream, plod dumbly on and dream . . ."

Yay, Holiday Wishes time again! It's fun to browse everyone's wishlists and grant a few here and there. :) I've had a very busy but fun year, between teaching/tutoring math and now Spanish as well, writing fanfic, and doing various music-related things including Sacred Harp singing.

My wishlist:

1. Software: If you write software, then maybe you can fulfill this wish by creating my dream music player. The link is to a 14-page document outlining the features I'd love to see (with the following being some of the harder to impossible-to-find ones): database-oriented (rather than hard drive-oriented), in-database-only genre labeling (separate from genre tags on the file itself), multi-genre labeling via checkbox, Boolean AND and OR filtering via genre labels, and adding files manually so not to overwhelm the database with new songs that one hasn't had a chance to process labelwise yet. I'd be content with being instructed on how to create it myself if I had the time, but as I know nothing of programming, I think you'd spend more time doing that than creating it for me, and I'm swamped just trying to finish creating the curriculum I'm working on. Note: I run Linux Mint, so it would need to run on that (it's Ubuntu-based).

2. Software: Another specific custom-built software program I would love is described in this pdf (if the link is working). It would require building a simple but customized (I am creating my own curriculum) database with a front-end that includes the ability to save settings per student, to enter questions into the database that are text-based but may include pictures, and to output to LibreOffice Writer. It also needs to run on Linux (I run Linux Mint). If that sounds like something that interests you, let me know!

3. Software: Here's the REAL crazy biggest dream ever: someone, or more like multiple someones (because this is the sort of thing that would take a software COMPANY, not just a programmer) to create a computer program that would work as a math curriculum--the way I've designed it. I can see all the logic for what concept you need to have before you get to this one and that one (I've created flowcharts for kindergarten through fourth grade level math, they're all crazy complex yet fun for me to make). It would do an assessment first thing, to find the farthest that a student could demonstrate current achievement in every area (and there are lots and lots of areas out there), and would be web/server-based, so students could login from a client at home or at school, either way. It would require parents or teachers to enter passwords when present to administer tests, but allow students to work at learning new concepts through virtual manipulatives (activity- rather than worksheet-based), with audio, so students with weak reading abilities aren't limited in their math while they work to improve reading. It would run on all platforms (because requiring a student to have a specific OS is tantamount to promoting that OS specifically, and the only OS I think worthy of that--Linux--is too limited to have much viability as a sole destination for this program, ergo everything) or be web-based entirely. I have ALL THE IDEAS here. And no knowledge/experience in programming (other than a forgotten quarter-long class of C++ in high school). Does this intrigue you? :D

4. Book scanner: A super big wish is for a non-destructive book scanner. Something like this. As long as I can connect it to my Linux desktop and scan in things as large as landscape-formatted books, it would work for me. I have absolutely no mechanical skills so haven't even contemplated trying to build one, despite there being plans and guides and all that freely available.

5. Language help: Are you a linguist, conlanger, or have a good command of grammar? I don't mean English grammar. I mean grammar in general, like weird constructs you only see in this language or that one (cases, moods, split plural systems, etc.). Because I've created a language but I need to fix a few grammar bits and I have a hard time with some concepts. I tend to have lots of questions and I need a live person to answer that can listen to me explain what's confusing and help me with examples of how this or that language feature might work. IRC works the best for me (comment with your preferred server/channel--I do hang out in ##conlangs on Freenode so you can find me there). LJ PMs (or even e-mails) are not a good contact method, so I really need someone who is willing to chat live about this, to look over what I've created and help me straighten out stuff, etc.

6. Fanfic: I'm always a part of Yuletide each year, but even if you're not, you're welcome to write me a fic! I prefer nonsexual (romantic friendship or gen is fine! nonsexual touch and h/c and case-solving and apocalyptic AUs and introspective are all totally awesome) for the following fandoms/pairings: Push (2009) (Cassie/Nick), Worldweavers - Alma Alexander (Thea or an OC), Women's Murder Club (Lindsay/Cindy), Rizzoli & Isles (Jane/Maura), The Pretender (Jarod/Miss Parker), Sue Thomas F.B.Eye (Myles/Tara), Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain (Beth/Jody), Walker Texas Ranger (Walker/Alex), C-16: FBI (either Amanda or Annie or both, not paired romantically with each other), plus others (see link in next sentence). For specific details on some of the canons (and for a few more that I know), you can take a look at my Dear Yuletide Writer letter for 2015 or Dear Yuletide Writer letter for 2014.

7. Beta help: I have a WIP for Sue Thomas F.B.Eye that I have never finished because I needed medical beta help. If you're able and willing to chat live (IRC preferred but IM will work in a pinch) and can help with details on a gunshot wound to the torso, that would be great! I've also got a 1-800-Missing fic that needs help with characterization and PTSD; I can probably find help with PTSD, but it's nigh impossible to find someone who's actually seen that show (1st season, before it got changed to Missing).

8. Skirt: I love LONG flowing skirts (full circle or half circle sort, the swishier and swirlier the better), from mid-calf down to ankle-length. They're rather hard to find in the secondhand places I shop, and I have a small waist and long legs so that doesn't help matters any. Storebought or homemade, both are fine by me. E-mail me and I'll send the sizing to you. (I hate ironing, so I generally go for clothes that don't wrinkle when washed. I also rarely get to a dry cleaner, so machine wash material only, please.)

9. Charity donation: Donate to ADRA International. It's a humanitarian agency committed to improving the quality of life for people in need through "community development initiatives targeting Food Security, Economic Development, Primary Health and Basic Education", "regardless of race, gender, and political, or religious affiliation". You can give to specific projects that call to you, so you can choose to donate to whichever of these you are most passionate about: feed, clothe, and give schooling and healthcare to children/orphans, provide a community or school with clean accessible drinking water, protect women and girls from abuse and violence, provide food or improved cooking materials for children to elderly people who are struggling to feed themselves properly. ADRA is also active when disasters strike, and are often one of the first on the ground working because of pre-existing infrastructure in 120 countries. After the immediate needs are met, ADRA stays by to work with the community for years to come, connecting with other organizations to help restore the community to better living conditions than before the disaster, if possible.

10. Amazon wishlist: As always, I welcome gifts from my Amazon wishlist! I've linked my teaching-related wishlist this year, so everything on there is something I would use in my classroom or in my piano teaching (there's a lot of piano stuff, as I've expanded that direction more recently and want to build a good set of resources). With the piano books I would prefer new (mostly don't want writing/stickers on the pages), but if it's not a piano book I'm OK with used. I've commented on EVERYTHING on the list, and there are priorities based on how readily I'd use it but really, anything on there would make me happy! Feel free to surprise me, or tell me ahead of time, I'm great with either way.

Amazon should allow purchases without you needing my address; if you need my address for one of the others, or just need to communicate privately, my e-mail is doranwen AT Yahoo (DOT com). Leave a comment if you've sent me an e-mail so I'll know to look for it in case it gets caught up in spam (not likely, but there's always that possibility).

I will add your charity to my list for the holiday season and i'll see what else I can do. 

Thank you! :)

(Sorry for the belated reply; my Thanksgiving break was insane and I only now feel like I'm recovering, lol.)
Sent you an Amazon gift card to help with your wish list. Happy Holidays! <3
Thank you very much! I'm thinking one of those mechanical puzzles will be an awesome treat for my students. :D
Heya! I can try to help you with #7. I'm a nurse so I know the problems that can occur with injuries and complications and stuff. Granted I haven't had too many gunshot victims but I know people that I can ask too. I probably can't live chat cuz my internet times are always shaky between work and school and life so I'm hit and miss though IM's usually get to be easier cuz I can reply between everything.
Yeah, my 'net times got kinda nuts the last few weeks, so I know what you mean there.

I'll probably need to drop some pics and a short video clip (I need to clip it out) from the ep in question so you can see what I'm going off. One tiny change to canon = big effects and a great AU idea. Or, at least, I hope so, lol.

Can you PM me with the info to add you to IM?