it's the most wonderful time of the year!

Happy holidays, Holiday Wishes! My name is Jasmine, I'm going to be 28 in January, and I've been doing Holiday Wishes since I was a teenager! I'm so excited to be back here again this year and see what wishes I can grant for you guys!

As for my own wishes...

01. Amazon Wishlist!

Used items are fine, by the way! My address is up to date on the wishlist, although I made occasionally link to something offsite -- feel free to ask me for my address if you need it.

02. Amazon Gift Cards!

They're so useful, especially for my impulsive kindle books buying and gift giving.

03. Divination Tools!

I think I ask for tarot and oracle decks every year (and you can see a list of what I already own over here!), and I love everything I've gotten so far. I never turn down a deck! I love them all, and when I can't love them I know a lot of people in need of decks that I like to regift them to, so if you want to get rid of a deck and I already have it, I'm happy to take it anyway.

04. Tonka Beans!

This might be a bit of an unusual request? But the place I'd like to buy tonka beans from has been sold out for months. If you have any to spare, even if it's just a few, that would help me out so much!

05. Future Vision Tarot

I know I already included divination tools, but I'd like to specifically mention that the Future Vision Tarot is so beautiful, and as a huge fan of both tarot and Steven Universe, I'd love to have this!

06. Shunsui/Nanao Fanworks

Seriously, anything Shunnao related, I'm desperate for it! These two have been my OTP since I was a teenager, and with the recent chapters...Well, if you haven't been keeping up with Bleach, I won't spoil anything for you, but let's just say my shipper heart is only more passionate for these two.

07. Jerky

I LOVE jerky. I will take anything, homemade, storebought, whatever!

08. Stationery

I'm hoping to keep up with a few new penpals over the next year, and having nice paper and stickers helps motivate me to get a letter written and sent!

09. Holiday Cards

I love getting these! I'm a pagan, but I still celebrate Christmas with my family, and so I don't mind getting a "Christmas" card versus a "Yule" card.

10. Surprise Me!

I like to be open to surprises sometimes, and this is the perfect season for it!

If you need to email something to me or ask for my address, you can reach me at! Try and include "holiday wishes" in the subject line so that I'll be sure to see it!
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I would like to send you a card! Could you please send your address in a PM? Thanks :)
I think I can come up with Jerky. I keep getting it in my Keto Krate and I always give it away.
I'd love to send you a card, e-mailing for your address!
Sent an Amazon gift card to your e-mail! Happy Holidays! :)
I'd love to send you a card and a little surprise! If you would, just send your address and a reminder of what I promised to auralily2000 at