Wishing you all light, laughter and relxation this holiday season!

Happy holidays!
I am Siαсí,* a disabled lady living in the big city, and loving it. I provide childcare and homeschooling for one of my nephews (the other is an infant) and like to make stuff and laugh in the time in between.

Here is my list. Thanks for reading it!

1) Anything on my Amazon.come wish list that your lovely heart desires. Thank you now and forever. http://amzn.to/1QWADuY

2) GRANTED offline! 😊 (Hopeful update on the Storå loft, please see comments!) Dreaming big.... This, delivered. The shelves I will only have room for if I have the loft.

I am pretty sure I can assemble it myself, though assistance would be awesome. I chose this one because it is the only one that is full-sized, and that is the size mattress I already have. I live out of one room in supportive housing, so making the most of my small space really matters. ;-)

3) I dream of a trip upstate NY this spring to visit friends, a stop at the Chuang Yen Buddhist Monastery in Kent, a day at Innisfree, a day at my niece's college. Kind of a mini Eat Pray Love trip for me!

4) Peer Mentoring/Life Coaching for mental health/trauma recovery. I am doing a good job on my own, but I could really use some experience and wisdom one-to-one. Anyone with advanced knowledge of low income or supportive housing in NYC might be able to mentor me in finding my way to what I need in that area.

5) A little armchair. I want to sit in a comfy chair and knit while I watch Netflix or listen to music. Must include means to get it to me, as I do not drive and (being from the big city) know no one who drives either.

6) Legit followers on my Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest. I love sharing posts about handmade stuff, geek humor, good thoughts. Welcome!

7) I want to knit all the things! Well, some of them, anyway! I am wishing for knitting gear. Wool yarn, primarily, although other natural fibers are welcome. I like rich, saturated colors, or neutrals (chocolate, charcoal, cream, black). Any other knitting tools and accessories (stitch markers, cable needles, the rubber end stoppers that look like traffic cones, bags or cases,etc) would be delightful, including granny's old needle stash that is gathering dust. Fancy wooden ones are my favorites, but all kinds of needles have their uses.

8) 1/6 scale (11.5" Barbie/GIJoe) miniatures, especially furniture. Clothing is cool too. Cat hair-free would make my allergies happy. (Scritch the kitties for me!)

9) Lace: cotton Cluny, other needle-style or crocheted, or wide (3"+) net lace, like leftovers from lingerie or bridal projects. Clean old crocheted tableclothes with a few tears or holes would be welcome. I turn old clothes or other sizes into new things to wear, hippie boho stuff that suits my weird shape and life.

10) I really do believe that love is the answer. Think on this, if you will. Do a good deed whenever you can -- especially the small things. Smile. Say "thank you" to cashiers. Do it privately, tell no one. The deed is the reward. Give a homeless person a coffee or bottle of water. Donate new socks and underwear to clothing drives. Drop off rolls of toilet paper and dish soap to food pantries: food stamps do not cover hygiene or housekeeping supplies. Remember what it was like to be a child. Put yourself in some one else's place and see through their eyes. Appreciate the small things. Love is appreciation for the world that you have and everyone in it. Pass it on.

Contact info -- request and I will send: ɯ o ɔ ʇ o p l ı ɐ ɯ ƃ ʇ ɐ u ı l ɐ ɔ ɐ ı s
I am very private,* so please do not give my info to anyone without my permission or post/send it anywhere online. Thank you!
*I am a survivor of violent crime, and as such, do not use my real name online. I must use it to receive mail. That's all.
Happy holidays!
Unfortunately I don't have any of the items on your list right now but I wanted to send you all my good wishes!
4) Peer Mentoring/Life Coaching for mental health/trauma recovery.

Hello! I am actually a peer advocate and active listener for mental health and trauma recovery, and if long-distance one-on-one assistance would be helpful, I am more than willing to work with you; and even though I'm not in your area, I've gotten pretty good at long-distance assistance and resource hunting.
I am interested! THANK YOU!
Could you email me, at your convenience? I know the holiday season is hectic...and that this is a wish gift. No rush. We can work the whats and hows later.
Happy holidays!

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Re: Mentoring
Of course! When I've got a window of time here this week I shall email you, and I added you back as a friend.
I have some knowledge of low-income housing in NYC, but mostly from the legal side of things, and possibly not as in-depth as would be helpful to you. Still, I'm happy to share whatever knowledge I can – feel free to email me at abichail.z@gmail.com.
Hey, I found the loft I want on local Criagslist, and a few friends Paypal-ed me some donations toward it. If you would like to contribute, I would appreciate it. This loft would make my tiny space a LOT more comfortable and livable. I have to transport it here (I don't drive), but it could def work out.
My Paypal is the upsidedown email address in my wishlist post.
I hope this post is allowed, as I am asking for the same thing, basically.

Gift granted!

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