Holiday Wishes and Dreams

Hi, I am LemonBombs.

This year has been a crapfest for us all. I extend love and sympathy to everyone. I really mean it. If I could give each of you a hug, I would, right now. Consider yourself hugged!

I am disabled, and live on a ridiculously microscopic fixed income. I am clever, thrifty and patient; life isn't easy I but survive, and in some moments, I thrive.

That said, holidays are difficult. I do not have a family to provide for, but I do not have one to care for me, either. I will spend the holiday with a friend, thankfully.

I've been a good girl. 👼 I would like to make some wishes!

1) Clothing! Getting good clothing in my area is a challenge; there is huge price and style gap between cheap, ratchet/trashy crap and upscale designer. Many, many shops do not carry plus anymore, or very, very little. :-(
=  Second-hand is fine if the garment(s) are clean, stain-free and in good repair.
= Tunic-length tops, long or short-sleeve, in cotton or high-percentage blends. I am US size 22 on top. Often an XXL will fit; usually a Old Navy size XXXL will fit me, if the neck isn't too low (they go deeeep O.O). Favorite colors to wear: brown, plum, forest green, dark teal, gray, muted, dark/medium blues. woven, loose-fit knits, even short dresses (think babydolls) - I layer them in the cold!
= Leggings/jeggings in same size/colors, 22W or 3XL. I know sizes from Asia are weird and tiny. I usually go with the largest waist size. Any matching solid color, and I always need black. I layer them in winter, and can even use them as PJs. Nylon and cotton are better than poly.; not the fleece or shiny kind; flull-length, not capri, so they reach the tops of my winter boots!

2) A teapot, simple like a Brown Betty, but any solid color is fine.

3) An electric kettle would be lovely, since my landlord is going to fix my stove between next week and never.

4) A decent new bra! I am a 44D (not 42, not DD!), without underwires or thick straps, as both cause me pain. Not a sport or leisure style, just a classic brassiere. Any color. OOh la la!

5) I need wool socks, socks with a high wool content. I wear a standard size; I have wide, size 8 (US) feet. I am diabetic, and must care for my feet. Wool seems to do the best job for me, keeping my feet dry and warm/cool all year round.

6) I love knitting tools. Wood/bamboo works best for my spazzy hands. I desire stitch markers (the ones that look like teeny-tiny diaper pins are great!), DPNs of any size or length, and the traffic-cone stoppers you put at the end needles (rubber or silicone). At this time I (gasp) do not need yarn! :-D Second-hand is fine, BTW!

7) I desperately need my hair cut. Like, at least a foot of it, OFF. I live in NYC, and haircuts here can be upwards of $100! So I keep growing my hair, and it is horribly damaged. :-( Not sure how to fulfill this one, but it is what I want/need)

8) Wish Listing:

9) Amazon gift cards are always welcome, as they carry pretty much everything one could need.

10) Do something for yourself, your family, your country, the world.
These are just ideas:
Sign a petition, smile at a stranger, forgive a wrong, call someone you haven't in forever. Carry a reusable shopping bag, and use it. Buy a coffee or bottle or water for a homeless person. Smoke once less a day. Donate to food pantries, include toilet paper. Donate new socks and underwear to shelters, hospitals, nursing homes. Drink some water. Send an email to your elected representative about issues that move you. Read to a child. Walk a shelter dog. Take time for a relaxing bath. Smile at babies on the bus and train. Say 'thank you" and mean it. Cough and sneeze into your hankie or elbow. Drink some water. Watch TV with your kids and giggle. Get a flu shot (the flu really hurts!). Feed the birds sunflower seeds. Share your umbrella. Think of new ways to make life better.
I do these things. I do all I can. This, to me, is what living is. 🌷
If you think these things don't matter, imagine yourself on the receiving end!

Thank you!

Contact for questions and address:
(upside down to foil bots!)
W O Ɔ˙˥ I ∀ W פ @ N I ˥ ∀ Ɔ ∀ I S

It is fine if something comes after the holidays. Just email me!
Happy Holidays! And goodness, I know NYC has cheaper haircuts than that. Try the beauty schools?
Thank you for your reply!
I have had really baaaad experiences with beauty schools.
If you know of anywhere in Manhattan or Brooklyn that would be good & inexpensive, though, please tell me. :-) That would help.

Edited at 2016-12-18 05:54 am (UTC)
I sell lularoe. Have you tried our leggings or tops? If you enjoy them I'll send you an outfit.
Haircuts at Astor Hair are good and cheap. Something like $20.
Thanks for your reply!
I forgot about them! I got a cut there seven years ago. good cut, $40. Might be more now, might not, I'll check. Then I could afford it, now that is usually more than I can spare.

Edited at 2016-12-18 05:59 am (UTC)
I have a new lightweight pair of leggings I can send you. 95% cotton, 5% Spandex. Burgundy colored. A true 3x. I bought too many pairs and have too many leggings! If you'd like them, please send me your address, either via PM or email - christy747 at :)
I might have some double-pointed needles I can send you. I was huge into knitting back in 2008-2010 and bought a whole bunch of stuff. The DPNs are Clover branded. I'm not really using them nowadays because my hands forgot how to knit and I'm using my interchangeable needles nowadays.
Thank you! Clover makes good products. I would be happy to have them.
How do you like interchangeables? I am a little intimidated by them. ;-)
I went looking for the DPNs and apparently they went missing. Too much nonsense in my room. Give me a while and I'll hunt them down. I've got a variety of sizes. Anyway, just drop me your address at avarenity[at] and I'll send the DPNs when I find them.