I'm so happy it's almost time <3 not sure I'll be able to participate much but I've seriously spent the last 5-6 months hanging on for this.
Cannot say thank you enough for continuing to organise this *big virtual hugs*
It's one of the things I look forward to most (and it always opens the same week as my birthday \o/ )
Yay! I'm so excited. :D
Thank you both for keeping this going and organizing it!
Every year I get worried that someone will decided 'not this year' and get a little spike of glee every time I'm wrong. Like, I keep an LJ almost exclusively for this. <3
I feel dumb but I can't find where it is says when the signups will close. I'd love to join this round. :D
We don't have a definite end date, but will keep the community open at least until the end of December.