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Shine the light

My first submission seems to have fizzled into the ether I royally screwed up (read the instructions!), so  try try again.
It's been a crud year for everyone, including myself. I send you my love and hopes for a better future.

Here is my list:

  • Layering against the cold! The heat in my building is *coughalmostnonexistantcough* unreliable, so I try to dress warm & breathable. “Woolies” tights will layer under leggings and pants. I am happy with any color (black, red, gray), size F: https://snagtights.us/collections/super-opaques-and-merino-wool-tights/products/woolies

  • Paton’s classic worsted-weight 100% wool yarn, any color or pattern. Knitting is majorly therapeutic to my brain and body. Plus, I get to make something to keep me warm!

  • Free n Clear shampoo and body wash. I am allergic to almost anything else! This product: amzn.to/3kGuynW

  • Wool-rich or 100% wool socks. Any pattern.   www.amazon.com/dp/B07BVM5NBQ

  • Real essential oils, they help me with sleep and anxiety. Sunrise and Now are good-quality brands that are usually reasonably priced. Eucalyptus, patchouli, pine, and fir, are my favorites.

  • Giftmas PieIntheSky Wish List

  • InstantPot Mini Duo 3qt accessories: https://amzn.to/2VqEE1L

  • Trivial Pursuit expansion cards.

  • Long, tunic/tee shirts, cotton, size 48-50” bust/20-22. Dark red, navy, brown, forest, sage, soft blue, toast, gray, black. Plain, no print. These are surprisingly difficult to find. Uniqlo’s men’s xxl supima cotton fit well but it looks like that style is discontinued.

  • Donate cash to a food pantry or Feeding America. They can buy goods in bulk and feed far more people with a cash donation than they can with the value of a few cans. If you want to donate something tangible, ask if your local pantry will accept dish soap, hygiene items, and toilet paper.

You have my sincerest thanks. Happy holidays!

Address info: please email me here
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