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my single item *don't mind the icon this is serious*

my holiday wishlist is a plea for my health. its a big plea so i am hoping that many people here can find it in their hearts to contribute to this so that i can finally have not only my health returned to me in a small way, but just as importantly some semblance of quality of life returned to me as well.

i am canadian living in the capital of canada- ie ottawa ontario. i am a juvenile or type 1 diabetic. i only found out when i was 20 years old that i had this disease. i know that it is a booming disease but many people do not realize that there are 3 kinds of diabetes and the one that is mostly focused on worldwide is type 2 diabetes. 90% of diabetics have this type. type 1 diabetes means that my pancreas does not work at all and i have to physically inject insulin into my body 5 times a day in order to live for the rest of my life. no choice. no cure. end of story. i can't change my diet to make things better. i can't lose weight to change how anything works exactly. i can't ever NOT have to inject insulin. if i stop doing this i die. plain and simple. its as if i were born without a working lung....and i were on an artifical one to breathe. can't just take me off that machine and live.

now the doctor who discovered insulin is named dr. banting and he was canadian. most of the top research for diabetes is done here in canada and in fact the transplants for islet cells [the ones that make that organ called the pancreas work again] is called the edmonton protocol. [thats in the province of alberta] however as exciting as that all is, the canadian- specifically ontario government- still views diabetes as a one size fits all disease. the insulin that dr. banting discovered just over 50 years ago is still the ONLY insulin covered by the government for those of us on disability regardless of the much better insulins available, as long as they have been available. lantus [or glangerine] is barely covered at no cost to those of us who need it. its sad and pathetic.

an insulin pump, the reason for my extensive writing here, is basically an artificial pancreas worn outside the body. it is a machine that functions like a human pancreas would delivering insulin at a steady rate into the body via an iv line. as of today, they are NOT covered by the government to type 1 diabetics over the age of 18 regardless of their health conditions.

in other words, as soon as you become an adult with diabetes, you are screwed no matter what.

i am against that wall at the age of 28.

i have done everything i possibly can to attain a pump on my own. i have gone the church/charities/begging route essentially. i have pled my case with the government now for just under 5 years. i have exhausted the normal insulin injecting therapy to try and keep life going normal for me on some kind of level. to put it lightly, diabetes thus has become all of my life for the past 8 years. i have no life outside this disease. i am ruled by my mealtimes, dictated by carbohydrates, a slave to the clock of when i have to get up to inject morning insulin as no insulin is truly 24 hour lasting....and now i am at a point where i am so insulin resistant that i inject 144u of insulin a day between my long acting and mealtime insulins. i am a human pincushion. i have to put pressure on people around me because when we plan an event i have to know long in advance the activities, the food[s], the schedule just so i can prepare my life for up to a day in advance to be able to function alright there or have my own substitutions available if nothing is at the event i can have. i constantly feel like a burden.

now that you have a feel for what my life is like, perhaps you can see why its not a want for this thing but a need. i won't get into more of the details [but you are welcome to ask for them if you understand them] on my specific health profile as it is steadily getting worse not having the control and freedom that an insulin pump would afford me. i do think its fair though to give you as much information as this because i am not asking for a little change here.

the insulin pump i am asking for is animas 2020 [in blue please heh] and it costs about $7,000. i am hoping to raise that much money via my paypal account over this season in order to be able to have a piece of cake on my birthday in january without having to worry about it as much.

i appreciate you taking the time to read my plea and a thank you isn't enough if you find it in your heart to give to my cause.

some links to help you with your decision-

the basics of diabetes here you are. the 1, 2, 3 of diabetes. knowledge is power. education is key on this disease.

animas pump specs there is also a picture of what this device looks like here.

info on the edmonton protocol this is for the scientific type people who want to know more about the quest for the cure for diabetes. this is the closest we're coming to it, the islet cell transplant. however, there is alot of other after effects left to be desired still just like any transplant.

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